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13 Mar 2020   Photos - St. Patrick's Day Party
13 Feb 2020   Photos - Valentine Party
23 Jan 2020   Photos - Chinese New Year Party


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1 Dec 2019   Photos - Tree Trimming
21 Nov 2019   Photos - November Social
9 Oct 2019   Photos - Barbarosa's
10 Sep 2019   Photos - Texas Tony's
17 Jul 2019 Photos - Real Mcaw Restaurant
13 Apr 2019 Photos - April Party
7 Mar 2019   Photos - St. Patricks Day Party
14Feb19   Photos - February Social


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14Dec18   Photos - December Social
12Apr18   Photos - Cocktail Party
March 2018   Photos - St. Patricks Day
15Feb18   Photos - February Social
Jan 18   Photos - Dinner Party


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16Nov17   Photos - Dinner Party
19Oct17   Photos - Condo Party
30Sep17   Photos - Pool after Irma
7Sep17 Photos September 7 Party
24Aug17   Photos August Social
10Aug17   Photos August Social
14Jul17   Photos July Social
20 Apr17   Photos April Showers Party
23 Mar17   Photos 23Mar17 Social Event
16 Feb17   Photos 16Feb17 Social Event
19 Jan17   Photos 19Jan17 Social Event



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8Dec16   Christmas Dinner
17Nov16   Welcome Back Party
21Oct16   Fall Party
14Apr16    Italian Night
17Mar16   St. Patrick's Day party
25Feb16   Chinese New Year Party
Feb 2011   Ladies Lunch at Ciao's


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16Dec15   Christmas Party
29Nov15   Tree Trimming Social
29Oct15   Haunted House Social
2Oct15   End of Summer Party
25Sep15   Last Summer Party
September 15   September Party
August 15   Summer Party
23Jul15   July Party
25Jun15   June Party
16Apr15   April Fish and Chips
19 Mar 15 Wearing of the Green
25 Feb 15   February Dinner Social
22Jan15   Smoke City Social


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1 Nov   Halloween Party
18 Sept   Last Social
Mar 14   Summer Party
24Apr14   Farewell Party
21Mar14   March Party
13Feb14   Luau Party